I want to first start by saying that EVERYONE is welcome at Smooth Reflections! That means male, female, gay, straight, transgender, bisexual, all races, etc. Moving past the “who”, lets move on to the “why”. You don’t have to be a “hairy” person to want laser hair removal. Maybe you are just sick of shaving. Maybe you want to save time getting ready. Come in!

Other reasons for wanting hair removed- Maybe a health condition or your heritage is triggering unwanted hair growth, and you want it removed so you can get your confidence back. I see this one a lot. Women will come in with unwanted facial hair that they are very self-conscious of. Please don’t be ashamed. Come and see us- we can help!

Feel like you are the only one growing hair in strange places- a patch of hair on your back above your waist line, widows peak, hair on your backside (girls and guys), hair on your ears, etc. You are not alone. Something else I see a lot of, razor burn, razor bumps, in-grown hairs and cysts…. Again, you are not alone. Don’t let these, or any other reasons stop you from coming in! We’ve seen it all before and we can help!

Another perk of working with us- You have the same tech on each visit so you don’t have to expose your insecurities to multiple people! I hope this makes you more comfortable to take the next step and make and appointment with us today!