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Smooth Reflections is a boutique hair removal studio where all clients are made to feel welcomed and appreciated!

We take pride in ensuring the studio is a clean, comfortable environment, run by a local professional that cares about your experience, stays on schedule to be respectful of your time and wants to make sure you feel comfortable no matter which area is being treated.

Unlike many other hair removal locations, Smooth Reflections offers both laser and electrolysis!

At Smooth Reflections, we do our best to offer a variety of services to suit people of all needs and hair removal desires. We stay on top of trends and offer the newest technology in laser hair removal to benefit our clients.

To ensure maximum comfort and a relaxing experience our laser is equipped with a sapphire contact cooling tip making for a faster, safer and much more comfortable hair removal experience!

We want you to feel good about yourself whether it’s just buying more time by not shaving, getting rid of razor burn and red, ingrown hair bumps, or an underlying medical condition that is causing unwanted hair growth- we are here to help you!

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Smooth Reflections Hair Removal Spa Latham New York Jaclyn
Smooth Reflections Hair Removal Spa Latham New York Jaclyn

Committed to Excellence


Our staff has the skills and experience to deliver a premier experience.


Services and your information are completely confidential.


We warmly welcome those of all races, gender and sexual orientation.


Your comfort and happiness are the goal of our kind and friendly staff.


All of our methods and products have been deemed safe and effective.

Clean & Tidy

We take pride in maintaining an immaculate environment in which we provide our services.