If you have never had laser hair removal or electrolysis before you may not be sure how to prepare for your first visit. Here is a short guide on what to do prior to your appointment:

Believe it or not, for Laser Hair Removal you need to come in Smooth Shaven! The Laser targets the pigment of the hair below the surface of the skin so you do not want to have your hair grown out, otherwise the laser will target the visible hair, and it won’t reach the follicle which will make the treatment ineffective, and to top it off, it is not a comfortable feeling. Therefore, the smoother/closer the shave, the more comfortable the treatment. Prior to your appointment, it is important that you do not pluck or get the area waxed. Both of these forms of hair removal completely remove the hair from the follicle, therefore, the laser has nothing to target, again, making the treatment ineffective. You may continue to shave between treatments.

For Electrolysis, there needs to be stubble present so the hair may be removed with a tweezer once the current is delivered, and the hair released. The amount of time needed for the hair to grow out prior to your appointment varies by individual. It just needs to be grown out enough for a tweezer to grasp it.

I hope this helps clear up any confusion!